Global Contracts

Over the past decade, Bufab has developed a corporate organization supporting global and multinational corporations in their efforts to capture Global Parts Productivity™.

Cornerstones in Bufab’s cutting edge offer to Global Accounts:

  • Single, globally responsible Global Account Team operating
    seamlessly across Bufab’s organization
  • Global Account Manager coordinates work and offers single
    cooperation interface with Global Commodity Managers
  • Local Key Account Managers in each geography where Bufab
    serves the account—up to 23 countries
  • Quality Coordinator and Sourcing Coordinator in each team
    —always a member of Bufab’s Global Supply Chain team
  • One single, transparent, global process supported by unified
    ERP system
  • Transparency in p/n – various customers p/n’s becomes one
    Bufab p/n. Globally
  • One transparent, Global, drawing archive, coupled with Bufab’s
    Article Definition System
  • One Global Supplier Management process, coupled with Bufab’s
    Supplier Management Module
  • Global KPI management
    (Sales statistics, On-Time-Delivery, and Quality performance)

Local presence. Each customer unit is served locally, by locally employed Bufab staff in the local language, using a conveniently located Bufab warehouse. This allows us to be close to the customer and quickly react to changes in demands, and help troubleshoot when needed. We are also able to source locally, which allows us to optimize landed cost. This setup is proven over time with very demanding customers, many of which we serve in 50 locations in more than 15 countries. We call this:  “All of Bufab, All the time”.

For you. Globally.



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