Quality excellence increases competitive advantages

Bufab exists to give you the best solution for your product needs. It can be a standard fastener or a detail developed for a unique purpose. Quality assurance according to desired requirements is always crucial for success. We aim to support yours.

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Quality assurance

Achieving the desired quality starts with choosing the right raw material. For many steel products, a carefully selected material and heat treatment is the only way to obtain the necessary mechanical properties. In addition, the production method usually affects the product performance as much as the material.

You often also need to choose an appropriate corrosion protection. It could be a protective design, a coating or to simply choose a corrosion-resistant material. All choices require special competence, which also applies to quality assurance of the result. Our goal is always to find the most suitable solution and to ensure quality compliance.

Quality is fully integrated

To meet your requirements, all quality procedures are fully integrated in Bufab's processes and systems. Quality procedures are set up in cooperation with our customers to optimize and cover the entire supply chain. For example, tests of incoming goods are performed according to agreement, from a statistical sample to 100% control of critical dimensions.

Certificates can be provided depending on the client's needs and the products supplied.