Reduction of suppliers and parts

Bufab C-parts consolidation

Considering that each supplier requires negotiations, quality assurance actions, logistical handling, and separate handling of accounts payables, your best bet to cut costs is most likely to reduce the number of suppliers.

Bufab-simlify-reduction-wheel Bufab-simlify-reduction-wheelBufab-simlify-reduction-wheel

Why you should consolidate

Reducing the number of suppliers and parts reduces the Total Cost of Ownership.

Partner with Bufab

As a partner of Bufab, you will realize savings and unlock potential through consolidation. In addition, we will suggest changes to any other areas with identified improvement possibilities.

What we do

We analyze your existing suppliers and parts, and suggest and drive changes to achieve substantial Total Cost of Ownership savings.

Reduce your costs

Even if the consolidation process requires some effort, you can rest assured that the money and time are being well invested. Depending on the goals, scale, and status of your operations, it is reasonable to expect a 15-20% reduction in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

The benefits of C-parts consolidation

The immediate benefits include:

  • Reduced administration – less effort and time spent
  • Better relationships – easier communication and cooperation with one speaking partner
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
  • Better product solutions

Imagine what this means in terms of reduced handling and administration as well as greatly reduced overhead costs over the long term.

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