Looking for C-parts?

Whether you are looking for standard fasteners or customer-unique C-parts, Bufab is your Solutionist.

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Reasons for choosing Bufab

Bufab is a global supply chain partner that provides a comprehensive range of C-parts, stretching from traditional fasteners to complex, processed and assembled components in various materials.

What we offer

All parts of our offer are based on years of experience in making a difference for you as a customer. It is about reducing the total cost and complexity, freeing up capital, as well as achieving stable quality and deliveries.

What it boils down to is a seamless supply chain, where the headache with C-parts is gone.


The Solutionist

Regardless of your needs – whether a simple but rare bolt, a customer-unique precision-turned detail, an efficient logistics solution, or a security warehouse on-site – we are dedicated to finding a solution that suits your specific demands and requirements.

We believe in global teamwork, using the experience of Bufab Best Practice to provide the best solutions for our customers.

Or, as we say: We are Solutionists.


The created value

Bufab adds value and strives toward an improved, efficient, and secured C-parts supply chain.

You get one speaking partner and access to our global operations with efficient logistics flow to minimize landed costs and reduce handling.

We support you to create a seamless supply chain to free up capital and achieve stable quality and sustainable deliveries.


The right C-parts range for you

The basis for your success in C-parts management is having a partner with the proper range. We offer more than 140,000 items that we keep in stock in our warehouses worldwide.

C-parts usually account for a large quantity of all part numbers in a bill of material. They are details such as metal or plastic fasteners (e.g., screws, bolts, nuts, rivets, pins, washers), as well as other small metal, rubber or plastic parts such as cables, springs, and electronic fasteners. And more.

Volume vs value

C-parts are unique in that the purchase price is only a tiny part of the total cost of a component, often as little as 20%. The remaining 80% of the total cost is made up of indirect costs in the form of:

Logistics costs

  • Forecasting, planning, and ordering

  • Incoming goods handling and inspection

  • Warehousing, stock taking, and stock control

  • Internal transports and linefeed

  • Freight, especially express freight

  • Capital costs, scrap, and obsolescence

Sourcing costs

  • Supplier sourcing, evaluation, and verification

  • Negotiation

  • Supplier administration

  • Parts administration

  • Phase-out/phase-in costs

Quality costs

  • Preventive quality measures, such as SQA, and corrective quality measures (scrap, rebuild)

  • Indirect quality costs such as line stops, replanning, and badwill