On-time delivery

Precision by logistics management

How have you secured on-time deliveries? How do you stay informed about late deliveries? What problems do you have with replanning due to late deliveries?


Unfortunately, our customers rarely ask these questions to their other C-parts suppliers. We answer these questions on a daily basis, and we know that complexity grows dramatically with an increasing number of suppliers.

It takes just one small missing part to create a real hassle. Our core business is to secure your efficient supply chain with no shortages and line stops, resulting in a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

If unpredictable circumstances occur, we will inform you instantly while we do everything possible to avoid problems in your production.


On-time delivery in full is a prerequisite for effective business. Simply a secured and efficient supply chain with no shortages and line stops.


Bufab keeps stock and ensures a safe replenishment.


Our skilled logistic managers ensure on-time delivery supported by our warehouse staff, always ready to walk the extra mile for prompt delivery.