Carefree replenishment and secured stock level

Bufab Logistics Solutions reduce manual work and provide peace of mind, enabling you to focus on your core business.

Bufab-simlify-replenishment-wheel Bufab-simlify-replenishment-wheelBufab-simlify-replenishment-wheel

No fuss!

We source, purchase, and deliver each component as it is consumed, eliminating the need for forecasts, ordering, and inventory counts. Replenishment is carried out automatically, ensuring no misplaced inventory, stock-outs, line stops, or rescheduling crises. We deliver to your warehouse, market, or point-of-use.


Say goodbye to empty bins

Bufab's mission is to make sure you have C-parts available as needed, in time, where they are needed, and at the lowest possible total cost. Simply a carefree replenishment and secured stock level of C-parts. 

We have vast experience in tailor-made logistics solutions, often referred to as VMI solutions (Vendor Managed Inventory) aimed at reducing indirect costs and making your life easier.

Save costs

C-parts are unique in that only a small fraction of the total cost comes from the purchase price, often as little as 20%. The other 80% are indirect costs related to sourcing, quality, and replenishment. 

Many of our customers have realized the great cost-saving potential and reduced manual work provided by Bufab Logistics Solutions and/or EDI. 

Moving away from a planning-driven stock of C-parts to a consumption-controlled replenishment often makes life a lot easier. With Bufab Logistics Solutions, you will get a VMI solution that eliminates problems with incorrect bills-of-material and incorrect stock levels. 

Let us find out how we can make life easier and save costs together!

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EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

Make your order process easy and efficient with EDI. Forget unnecessary manual work and focus on the important issues.

Bufab Logistics Solutions Made Easy™


The heart of your C-parts logistics solution. A cloud service that makes your C-parts management smooth and efficient.


Scan to order with a designated scanner or your smartphone.


Automatic order by weight limit.


Place the empty bin on the upper shelf.


Drop the bin in the box.


The “candy machine” of C-parts.