The Manufacturer's Guide to Sustainability Trends

The buzz around sustainability in the manufacturing industry is huge, and it's hard to find the trends and developments that will affect you directly — especially the ones related to your C-parts supply chain. In this presentation, we've narrowed things down to only the most relevant trends that will affect your business in the near future, covering:

  • Regulations — The EU is working hard on implementing CSRD and CBAM, which will massively change the implications for larger companies working in the EU that import components from abroad. What do these regulations mean, and are there more coming in the future?
  • Reshoring — In the wake of global supply chain disruptions and demands for more accurate sustainability reporting, companies worldwide are looking away from low-cost foreign suppliers when it comes to C-parts. What's the mood like?
  • Circularity — Consumer brands are keen to show off their circular business models. But what are the opportunities for industrial companies in this area?

The guide is completely free, and hopefully it will give you a clearer picture of the demands you might be facing in the coming years. Get an overview by completing the form and downloading it on the next page — and feel free to share it with colleagues.

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