Warehousing and internal logistics

Analysis and best practice for improved efficiency

Many companies have problems with inefficiency in their warehousing and internal logistics. It could be an unoptimized placement of racks or bins or simply that the operators don't find the right part. Analyzing the status of your situation, we together decide what approach fits best for streamlining your processes.

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Driven by experience

It's easy to have an opinion. Sometimes it's better to base improvements on facts by collecting data over a specific time period. Other times it's enough to talk to the operators and analyze how they work. We take pride in providing consultative advice based on Bufab's experience in industrial best practice.


Save costs through improved utilization of staff, space, and equipment based on knowledge and facts.


Bufab gathers appropriate expertise, draws up a project plan, collects information through our specialists, analyzes the input, and provides a recommendation.


Analysis of existing effectiveness, stock levels, replenishment procedures, space, and product placement of racks and bins. We also evaluate internal logistics, such as how staff and material move. The results are presented in a roadmap for improvement.