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To get the lowest possible total cost of ownership (TCO) of C-parts things must be effortless and simple.

Based on +40 years of experience and know-how you get excellence in products, solutions, way of working, and the lowest total cost of ownership.

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“The mutual trust and respect, the stubborn strength to fulfill commitments and the open and flexible approach in creating new procedures that allows to think out of the box in the pursuit of optimal solution, these are the main elements in having a long and successful journey.”

Alin Pontos, Commercial Manager, Plimob SA

About our cooperation

Plimob is a major supplier of self-assembly furniture to a major Swedish home goods company and has been a close Bufab customer since 2009. When a new component was needed for an item in their product range, Bufab was able to provide a solution.


Based on feedback from customers and internal product experts, Plimob realized they needed a new component for a product in their extensive range. The new component would make it significantly easier for end customers to assemble their furniture and improve their overall experience.

However, Plimob had no finished design of the required component – just a concept and a few basic sketches.


Bufab worked in close collaboration with Plimob to turn their component concept into a reality.

Technical drawings based on Plimob’s early sketches were produced by Bufab’s Quality department, purchasers organized the production of samples, and the logistics team ensured delivery to the customer.


After a collaborative review process between Plimob and Bufab, the new component was approved and put into production, and eventually delivered on time and exactly to specification.

Plimob’s products became more usable for their customers, and they’d turned a simple design idea into a success story.


Outdoor and transportation equipment manufacturer

About our cooperation

Bufab is the global C-parts provider to this major manufacturer. We supply over 500 different components to the company’s major production facility in eastern Europe. In the disruption of the pandemic, Bufab had to act fast to secure the company’s manufacturing operation and provide peace of mind in the tough business environment.


With the arrival of the global COVID crisis in early 2020, customer orders suddenly dropped, and the company was forced to temporarily stop production at the Polish factory, right at the start of the high season. But with orders for C-parts already placed, they needed a solution to avoid ending up with huge amount of unnecessary stock.

Later in the year, sales started picking up rapidly, and the company had to instantly return to full production. A secure supply of the necessary C-parts was needed at very short notice to meet the new demand.


When the crisis came, we acted quickly and cancelled all incoming orders – even compensating suppliers for the lost business. This protected the customer from taking liability for unneeded stock.

As the situation improved for the customer, we adapted along with them, and went back to the same suppliers to acquire the needed C-parts in time - in higher quantities and with even faster shipping. A team of experts from both of our companies collaborated to coordinate the work and secure the essential parts at extremely short notice.


Thanks to the actions taken, the company was able to keep up with the renewed customer demand. By the end of 2020, sales were doubled compared to the previous year, and any C-parts related disruptions to production were completely avoided. 100 percent of parts deliveries were on time, and accurate forecasting continued to ensure the consistent supply of parts despite supply chain issues.

Valve block assembly

The “Valve Block assembly” is the core of a milking robot developed by an innovative leader in designing and manufacturing automated systems for dairy farmers around the world, with the goal of excelling in sustainable milk production to feed the world.

The Shower device

When we met our customer, a large producer of taps, over 10 years ago they felt a lot of frustrations. They spent too much time and energy on one product. The product, a shower device, consisted of many different items that they sourced from different suppliers and then assembled internally at the customer's production.