RFID with EasyStack & EasyDrop

An easy way to top up consumables

With the RFID solutions you get a user-friendly and easy way to refill your bins. At the same time, you will be able to reduce your inventory ownership costs.

Low-value products can create significant costs over time through stock shortages, quality issues, and supply chain costs that are easy to forget.

Leave those issues behind with a Bufab solution. The best option is often to combine logistics solutions. We like to optimize your setup.

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How EasyStack works

When a bin is empty, you stack them on the upper shelf upon a rubber mat with a built-in
antenna. A signal is sent out, and an order is generated automatically.
How EasyStack works

How EasyDrop works

When the bin is empty, just drop it in the EasyDrop, your collective place for all your empty bins. Once dropped, an order is automatically transferred to Bufab.
How EasyDrop works

Compatible with EasyTrack™

And of course, all your transactions are visible in EasyTrack™.

EasyTrack cloud service

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