Logistics Solutions Made Easy

Make your C-Parts management smoother than ever with Bufab Logistics Solutions Made Easy™

Some of us enjoy the challenge. The potential glory. The moments of all or nothing. The hard work and improving of details to increase margins. But most of us just want things to be Easy.

C-Parts might be a small part of your business. But they’re one that literally holds it together. And certainly one that can overturn production and cause huge problems when suppliers aren’t working as they should. Need to. Have to!

Bufab has more than 40 years of experience in providing world-class components. We know what it takes. Now, we can do more than ever to contribute to your profitability.

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The fast track to reducing your last mile With EasyStack you get a very user-friendly and easy to use solution. When a bin is empty you stack them on the upper shelf upon a rubber mat with a built-in antenna.... Read more


The heart of your C-Parts logistics solution EasyTrack™ is a cloud service that makes your C-Parts management smoother than ever. Orders are placed on demand and delivered to your point of use.... Read more

EDI - Electronic data interchange

Make your order process easy By using EDI, you can reduce your manual work and achieve a faster and a more secure way to transfer your purchasing documents - a paperless and automatic exchange. At... Read more


The current stock level available at any time With EasyScale we can provide you with the exact information on current stock around the clock and replenishment is initiated... Read more


The most flexible scan-and-go logistics solution EasyScan is a solution that is flexible and very simple to use. The solution is suitable for one or multiple bin systems depending on... Read more


The easy way to save consumables Vending machines can be efficient tool for improving production and cutting costs. EasyVend allows you to distribute products such as tools, C-Parts,... Read more


The logistics superhero at the Supermarket ... Read more


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