The Shower device

We met our customer, a big producer of taps, around ten years ago. The customer felt, at this time, a lot of frustrations. They spent too much time and energy on one single product. The product, a shower device, had many different articles that they sourced and purchased from different suppliers and then assembled in-house at the customer’s production. They never really achieved efficiency in their own assembly for this part and instead of focusing on their core business they spent a lot of time into their internal processes and to solve problems. It was truly a headache for them.

Our customer came to us to discuss and try to find a solution for their issue. Now 10 years later we still apply the same solution as we did from the very start and the customer’s headache is gone.

We make sure we source from the right supplier given the quality and price conditions and we secure an efficient assembly line with full quality controls both for each inbound part as well as the final product. We also package and deliver the part in the customer’s own branded box.

Today Bufab supply more than 25 different solutions similar to this one, with more than 150 individual components. All parts, if needed, are ready to be shipped directly to the end customer.

Benefits for the customers:

• One part instead of 15
• One supplier instead of 11
• Reduced tied capital
• Free up space in production
• Direct cost savings
• Focus on their core business


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