the “Egg carrier”

Get to know one of our assembled products – the “Egg carrier” – provided to one of our customers in the Netherlands, one of the world’s largest producer of egg sorting. The product is a part of a sorting machine that can sort 216,000 eggs per hour! Today we source the different components and assemble the final product in-house – this means that our customer was able to decrease the number of suppliers to just one. Now our customer has one partner, one invoice and one delivery. This results in a much more efficient production flow!

Our customer wanted to focus on their core business and have a more efficient production by outsourcing several subassemblies they made themselves. Besides that, they wanted to reduce the number of suppliers and create cost reduction.

With the help of our complete supply chain service, everything from sourcing, purchase, assembly, quality assurance, stock management and distribution for the final part, we were able to offer a lower integral cost price per composition, as well as a reduction of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for the customer.

Today Bufab supplies more than 500 individual components and more than 15 assemblies for the customer. Our team of technical and commercial specialists is always looking for new possibilities in efficiency, (sub) assembly, logistics management and achieving higher returns for the customer.

Benefits for the customer:

  • cost savings; both per part as well as TCO
  • free up production floor space
  • reducing number of suppliers
  • reduced tied capital
  • more flexibility and capacity in production
  • one part instead of 16 (depending on version)


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