Welcome to Bufab Sweden!

Bufab Sweden is the largest company within the Bufab group. Our headquarters is located in Värnamo together with our warehouse which is also the central warehouse for the Bufab Group which means that we serve our sister companies as well as our customers with deliveries all around the world. Our warehouse is automatic and have a capacity for 50 000 plastic boxes and 20 000 pallets.

Today we have 120 employees and have sales offices around Sweden; Stockholm (previous Bufab Bix-Stickler), Örnsköldsvik, Göteborg, Hallstahammar and Oskarshamn. We have more than 35 salesmen working with our customers around Sweden.

At Bufab Sweden we always put our customer’s interests first. The business starts and end with our customer. We are a Solutionist™ – nothing is impossible and we can provide you with the solutions you need. We want to create profitability for our customers and we have the force to do it.




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