Providing you with peace of mind

We can provide you with a seamless and sustainable supply chain that increases your productivity and reduces your costs. Ever since the start in 1977, we have been making sure that C-Parts are distributed as needed all around the world.

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Take the lead with Bufab EasyTrack™

Some of us enjoy the challenge. The potential glory. The moments of all or nothing. The hard work and improving of details to increase margins. But most of us just want things to be Easy.

EasyTrack™ is a cloud service that makes your C-Parts management smoother than ever. Orders are placed on demand and delivered to your point of use. EasyTrack™ provides you with a transparent overview of your racks, bins, refilling, orders, drawings and more. You can create printable article lists, view different sites and make sure that the same articles are used globally.

We are solutionists

Bufab’s business is all about dedication, speed and trust. We deliver solutions, not products. We are a large family of strong and powerful entrepreneurs with big hearts, and we believe in taking personal initiative locally to drive the business forward. We are dedicated to always meeting our customers’ C-Parts needs, and we believe in global teamwork using Bufab Best Practice in order to provide our customers with the best solutions. Or, as we put it: We are Solutionists.

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