Providing you with peace of mind

Ever since the start in 1977, we have been making sure that C-Parts are distributed as needed all around the world. We offer more than 140,000 items which we keep in stock in our warehouses worldwide.

Let us help you to increase your productivity and reduce your costs.

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Take it easy – we’ve got it covered.

They may seem small and insignificant. They blend in and don’t cause a great deal of fuss. Most people wouldn’t give C-Parts a passing glance. And yet they are fundamental, ensuring production continues to run effectively. If it weren’t for these small parts, the entire system would fall apart. Our business begins and ends with our customer. Our mission is to ensure your C-parts are distributed as required, in time, and directly to your workstation. When you run out of a nut or a bolt you shouldn’t have to think about how they will be replenished – we make sure every single part of your supply chain runs smoothly and efficiently.


We are solutionists

Bufab’s business is all about dedication, speed and trust. We deliver solutions, not products. We are a large family of strong and powerful entrepreneurs with big hearts, and we believe in taking personal initiative locally to drive the business forward. We are dedicated to always meeting our customers’ C-Parts needs, and we believe in global teamwork using Bufab Best Practice in order to provide our customers with the best solutions. Or, as we put it: We are Solutionists.

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