In-house Production

In addition to our great network of suppliers we have 3 in-house production plants, focused on serving the very toughest customer requirements.

BUFAB Lann AB is the leading manufacturer in Sweden of turned parts to demanding customers in several different industrial segments. The company has produced precision turned parts since 1943. Bufab Lann operates in an international market and our strengths are manufacturing parts according to the customers own drawings. The vision is to serve a long-term partnership with our customers who require specialist expertise. Bufab Lann is used to working on projects at the early stages of design right through to the final application. We supply a wide range of customers from leading global brands to small family businesses.

BUMAX AB manufacture both standard and special products in two modern production plants. Both plants have a high capacity and are well equipped for the accuracy and precision required for the manufacturing high quality stainless steel and acid proof fasteners.
Production methods include machining, cold forming and hot forging – with a flexibility that allows a wide range of products with different quality and dimensional requirements. We are used to working as a solution provider together with our customer’s construction and R&D departments. This means we can assist in the design phase of a product advising on the performance, feasibility and cost effectiveness.

Apex Stainless
Apex Stainless Fasteners is one of Europe’s leading specialist suppliers of Stainless Steel Fasteners with a worldwide reputation for its extensive and comprehensive range. We produce Stainless Steel products, including Aerotight® Nuts, Hexagon Rivet Bushes, Allthreads and turned-parts to drawing. The Stainless Steel raw materials used in Aerotights® are sourced from European mills.

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