Cold formed parts

We can offer a wide selection of Cold formed parts – everything from DIN and ISO to advanced Cold formed special parts for the automotive industry. We supply parts to demanding customers all over the globe with exacting requirements for quality, delivery, precision and logistics. Our years  of experience together with our large number of qualified suppliers mean that we are prepared for all kinds of Cold formed parts.

Die cast parts

Die cast parts are created through a metal casting process in which molten metal is forced under high pressure into a mould hollow. The mould hollow is created using two hardened tool steel dies which have been machined into shape and work in the same way as an injection mould during the process. Most die castings are made from non-ferrous metals, especially zinc, copper, aluminium, magnesium, lead, pewter and tin-based alloys. Depending on the type of metal being cast, a hot or cold chamber machine is used.



We offer electrical connectors for switchgear and control panels. Ideal for installing low and medium voltage conductors. Cable entry and fixing components in polyamide, brass and stainless steel. Markers, tags and legends for industrial applications. Cable management products and accessories.

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Plastic parts

Plastic injection moulding is the most common method for speedily and accurately producing high volumes of plastic parts. The process can be used to make anything from small, complex and intricate components to larger items. Plastic injection offers a consistent, high-quality source of parts.

Tools & Equipment

We offer a wide range of tools and equipment in different materials according to what the customer needs.

Rubber parts

We offer customised rubber parts (C-Parts): everything from O-rings to moulded rubber products and washers. Moulded rubber goods are fabricated in different rubber materials, including SBR, nature rubber, NBR, neoprene and silicone.

Stamping & Pressing

We supply a wide range of stamped parts and stamping methods including progressive and single hit dies. We use materials such as aluminium, brass, copper, bronze, carbon, stainless steels and exotic metals.


Access hardware

We offer a large range of access hardware: everything from hinges to locks and latches and much more. We have solutions for a variety of industries in all types of material.

Machined Parts

We can supply machined parts from our own production plants or from our suppliers. We are specialists in products with specific requirements with respect to quality, geometry, variety of materials and superior technical know-how. Visit Bufab Lanns webpage here.


Most people know that magnets can be found in loudspeakers, but some people are probably not aware that they are also used in fishing reels.

For many years, we have assisted in the development of innumerable products using magnets.

We offer not only a wide selection of ready magnets, but we also manufacture magnets to order and according to customer specifications. Our services include magnetization, assembly, bonding of magnets and packaging.

You can get more information from our sister company Magnetfabriken.

Turned parts

We offer turned parts from prototype to mass production, using the latest CNC machining technology and equipment. Our own production site, Bufab Lann, has been producing precision-turned parts since 1943. Bufab Lann operates in an international market and our strengths are manufacturing parts according to customers’ own drawings. We supply a wide range of customers, from leading global brands to small family businesses.

Visit Bufab Lann, our own in-house production site for turned parts.

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