Our customers

We serve more than 13,000 customers all over the world. Our partnerships are based on strong personal relationships, locally and globally. What we do is help our customers achieve a smoother and more efficient production flow. We do it by ensuring that every little nut and bolt is there when needed.

We are big-hearted entrepreneurs who do business in a professional, cost-conscious and sustainable way, treating our customers’ resources as responsibly as if they were our own. Yet we believe it is a spirit of openness and mutual respect that provides the most fruitful working climate. Collaboration is our work model, meaning we take on challenges as a team, focusing on solutions rather than problems.

Always with our customers’ best interests in mind.

Your industry

Bufab has a wide customer base consisting of approximately 13,000 customers within several different industries. We are entrepreneurs with big hearts who care about our customers. Our being a responsible partner and dedicated team means that you can feel confident and comfortable, knowing that you... Read more

Our Customer promise

TRUSTWORTHY Bufab's 40 years of growth is built on long-term, trust-based customer relations. Quality is always our first priority. Our Swedish heritage stands for honesty, transparency and strong ethics. DEDICATED Our aim is to be your long-term partner in... Read more


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