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We source parts from all over the world, drawing on our global network of more than 3 000 suppliers. Our suppliers are chosen, qualified and developed using Bufab’s global supplier management process, supported by our global Commodity managers, and our Sourcing offices in China, India, Taiwan, Singapore, the UK and Sweden.

An approved supplier to Bufab will be able to receive business proposals from all Bufab sister companies giving a wide-ranging customer base from day one.

Suppliers will be closely monitored regarding performance and cost and will be supported with audits on a regular basis to drive improvement. Suppliers that are actively working to develop their processes, performance and sustainability will be able to qualify as preferred or even strategic suppliers to Bufab where there are additional business opportunities available.

We welcome our existing suppliers to the Bufab Group Supplier Portal. The portal is designed to intensify and improve the collaboration with our business partners and to provide all the relevant information about being a supplier to the Bufab Group. The portal is Web based and requires very little investment in time and cost to become operational.

Please login to our Supplier Portal.


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