Bufab Group Certificates

All certificates are to be found under the company name.

Final_ISO_Grey-2015-Registered-sign Final_ISO_Grey-2015-Registered-signFinal_ISO_Grey-2015-Registered-sign

Bufab Group ISO and other Certificates

If nothing else is stated, the certificates are in English or the local language.

Apex Stainless Fasteners

Bufab Austria

Bufab Baltic

Bufab CZ

Bufab Finland

Bufab Flos

Bufab France

Bufab Germany

Bufab Hungary

Bufab India

Bufab Lann

Bufab Ningbo

Bufab Norway

Bufab Poland

Bufab Romania

Bufan Shanghai

Bufab Slovakia

Bufab Spain

Bufab Sweden

Bufab Taiwan

Bufab UK

Bufab USA


Hallborn Metall

HT Bendix

Jenny Waltle

Kian Soon


Pajo Bolte


Tilka Trading