Meet our former trainee Fredrik Dahlstedt

Education: M.Sc. in Quality and Operations Management from Chalmers University of Technology
B.Sc. in Automation and Mechatronics from Chalmers University of Technology
Trainee program: 2019/20
Role within Bufab: Process Developer / Project Manager

The best thing about being a trainee at Bufab has been to see and work in reality in different areas and in different systems and learn how everything integrates with each other, this has given me a holistic picture of the whole company.

The time as a trainee has definitely met my expectations.

During this 10-month period, I have worked in 4 different areas here at Bufab Sweden to build up a broad knowledge of the processes we have in place today and more or less how the chain goes from start to finish. At least from purchasing to leaving the building and internal (especially warehousing) processes in between. I have had the opportunity to work in several of our systems we use (ERP, WMS, WCS, TMS). This has given me a great insight in interactions between the systems. At the same time, during the autumn I have taken part in activities to gain more insight into the company, even where I have not been inside and worked, but also to get contact routes. The focus has been on teaching me the processes that exist today and questioning the ways we work, but alongside that, both smaller activities and larger projects have been started up in the meantime. The big projects will run over as cornerstones in my continued role at Bufab. It has been very easy to get into the community here and the trainee time has thus been both educational and enjoyable.

I will, when the trainee program is over, start as Process Developer / Project Manager. The structure of the trainee program was perfect for this role with the knowledge in several areas and systems. The time we are in now will definitely affect my role. Large investments will probably be on hold in the near future, but at the same time there will be great incentives to streamline the processes in the company. I therefore believe that my first time in my new role will very much be about priorities and finding the right efficiencies to drive.

So far, I am very happy with my time at Bufab and look forward to my continued time with the people in the company and the challenges and opportunities we have as a company.


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