Meet Martijn van Daal


Meet Martijn van Daal, MD for Bufab Benelux. Martijn’s began his journey with Bufab in 2001 as an account manager for Bufab Benelux (the Netherlands). At the end of 2006 he continued working with Bufab as a general manager. In 2012, Martijn joined the Global Account Team, where the main focus was on strategic sales for large international accounts. In June 2015, Martijn was appointed Managing Director of Bufab Benelux.

As Managing Director of Bufab Benelux I’m responsible for the overall performance of the company, which includes everything from successfully implementing company policy and developing strategic plans to controlling finance, managing our people, supporting sales and much more. In order to achieve this you need to be entrepreneurial and work with a proactive attitude,” says Martijn

When asked what it’s like to work at Bufab, Martijn says:

“I truly appreciate working at Bufab because  every day is different. I like the variety and drive in growing the business, which can be achieved by thinking strategically and financially. It’s also great to take pride in seeing something succeed that you’ve developed, structured and worked for,” Martijn says.


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