Our Solutions


As a leading supply chain partner, we can offer everything from project to serial deliveries, including line-feeding solutions, VMI, kitting, sub-assembly and warehousing. More specifically, our logistics solutions entail:


In a standard layout, there is a rack of fixed bins – one, two, or more (depending on consumption levels) – filled and scanned at the customer’s location. When a bin is empty, an order signal is transferred to Bufab and we promptly see to its replenishment.


Required parts are automatically ordered online and delivered to you on time. This system is a combination of bins and scales calibrated to a certain weight. When the weight falls below an agreed reordering weight, an order is generated.


For a lean administration with a fast and reliable exchange of information between Bufab’s and your ERP systems. Bufab offers a variety of solutions for the exchange of vital information that meet well-known industry-approved standards.


Vending machines can be an efficient tool for improving production and cutting costs. Vending machines allow you to distribute products such as tools, C-Parts, equipment etc. to workers at your production site with maximum cost efficiency. Misused or misplaced tools and products create considerable costs in every industry. Using a vending machine allows you to better manage these critical inventories.


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