Bufab Logistic Solutions


Customers who use Bufab’s logistic solutions can have complete peace of mind. Bufab sources, purchases and delivers each component as it is consumed. No more need for forecasts, ordering or inventory counts – and, more importantly, no misplaced inventory, stock-outs, line stops or rescheduling crises.

Simplify and advance with a proactive VMI provider

Many of the indirect costs inherent in managing your C-Parts reside in your supply and manufacturing chain. Many of our customers have realised this and implemented Bufab solutions that can drastically reduce these costs.

Say goodbye to empty bins

Our mission is to make sure you have C-Parts distributed as needed, in time, right at the workstation, and at a total cost very hard to beat. Bufab has the experience to tailor-make logistics solutions, integrated with our ERP system and aimed at reducing indirect costs.

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