Special packaging and kitting

We have a wide selection of special packaging and kitting. Bufab’s state-of-the-art in-house kitting solution are available to complement your production or provided to your end user to assemble the finished product. We offer kits according to your demands in different versions, shapes and sizes and our kitting process has been designed for the highest accuracy and productivity.

Ensured quality

Our systems are focused on serving the very toughest quality control standards, while providing efficiency, capable to handle the demand of tight production schedules.

The kits are controlled throughout the kitting process to ensure the correct parts are included and to the right quantity. Our kitting process has been designed to allow for the highest accuracy and productivity. Parts that are out of tolerance are rejected prior to entering the kitting flow.

Benefits with kitting:

Customized to our customers’ needs, Bufab focus to help you to save money and time.

Take advantage of the benefits:

• Improved cost control; reduced waste and less stocked items
• Lower inventory
• Reduced space costs
• Increased accuracy; pre-approved parts
• Improved efficiency; critical parts availability and decreased handling
• Part standardization

We provide kits to the industry worldwide and our in-house production units are located in Sweden, Romania and in Poland.




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