Bufab Group: The Board of Directors of Bufab has resolved to utilise its authorisation to repurchase own shares

Bufab AB (publ)

PRESS RELEASE, Värnamo 21 August 2019

The Board of Directors of Bufab AB (publ) (“Bufab”) has resolved, pursuant to the authorisation granted by the annual general meeting held on 25 April 2019, to repurchase the company’s own shares on Nasdaq Stockholm. The purpose of the repurchase is to hedge Bufab’s future delivery of shares to the participants of Bufab’s long-term call option program which was resolved by the 2019 annual general meeting.

The repurchase may commence on 22 August and will be administered by Svenska Handelsbanken AB, which will take trading decisions independently of Bufab with regard to the timing of the repurchases. However, no acquisitions will be made during a 30-day period prior to the announcement of a financial report.

Purchases may comprise a maximum of 350,000 shares and may take place on one or several occasions prior to the 2020 annual general meeting. Repurchase shall be made on Nasdaq Stockholm in accordance with its Rule Book for Issuers. The repurchases will be made at a price within the registered price interval at any given time, which refers to the interval between the highest buying price and the lowest selling price. Payment for the shares will be made in cash. Reporting will take place through the stock exchange in accordance with applicable rules.

The total number of shares in Bufab is 38,110,533 and at the time of this press release the company holds 642,800 own shares. In the event of a fully executed share repurchase, the company will own shares representing approximately 2.6 per cent of the issued shares in the company.

For more information, please contact:

Marcus Andersson, CFO, Bufab Group, Tel: +46 370-69 69 66

This information is such that Bufab AB (publ) is required to make public pursuant to Nasdaq Stockholm’s Rulebook for Issuers.




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