KanBan System

At Bufab, we ensure that the correct item in the right quantity is delivered to the correct location – on time. The set-up is always tailored to meet your specific needs. We promise you to always get the job done with passion and care. And we never stop improving our service.

Logistic Solutions for reliable just-in-time deliveries
Customers around the world have used Bufab’s logistic solutions system for many years. Provide us with your consumption per item per point of use, and we will provide you with a solution proposal giving detailed dimensioning, the shelf metres required, the expected turnover rate and more. Bufab’s main systems are:

The 1bin-system
Contains a rack with fixed bins. The bins are filled and scanned at your location. Replenishment is directed to the specific location.

The 2+bin-system (KanBan)
Contains two or more bins depending on consumption. An empty bin signals for replenishment and is preferably scanned. Replenishment is directed to the specific location. Alternatively empty bins are returned to Bufab for refilling.

The Scale-system
The required parts are automatically ordered online and delivered to you on time. This system is a combination of bins and scales that are calibrated to a certain weight. When the weight falls below an agreed reordering weight, an order is generated.

For all systems the scanning and/or shelving operation can be done by either Bufab or by you. Ideally we treat the different locations as “sub-customers” in our ERP -system, ensuring excellent statistical data and the ability to generate a simplified invoice, with a sub-total per location. Regardless of the solution the VMI as such is integrated with our procurement tool.

For fast and reliable implementation Bufab offers different systems for exchanging data between our ERP -system and our customer’s ERP -system; for orders, confirmations, notifications, invoices and stock balance / inventory reports. All to well-known and industry approved standards.

Bufab’s Customer Service gives you the ability to check your company’s open and old orders, place purchase orders, check stock balances, manage your forecasts and much more.


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