Bufab Logistic Solutions

Simplify and advance with a proactive VMI provider

Many of the indirect costs inherent in managing your C Parts reside in your supply and manufacturing chain. Many of our customers have realized this, and implemented Bufab solutions that can drastically reduce these costs.

For customers who use Bufab’s logistic solutions, there is complete peace of mind. Bufab sources, purchases, and delivers each component as it is consumed. No more need for forecasts, ordering, inventory counts—but more importantly, also no misplaced inventory, stock-outs, line stops or rescheduling crises.

Bufab’s range of logistic solutions

Bufab has a flexible range of solutions ranging from 1-bin, over 2-bin and 2-bin+, to electronic scales with direct online links to our efficient worldwide ERP system and supply network. We can deliver the goods to your warehouse, or to your production line. We can provide the services of re-ordering, or we can provide you with solutions that allow you to do it with ease and at low cost. Data interchange can be done using any of a range of industry data exchange standards, and is possible to implement on all available ERP systems at minimal cost.

Take Advantage of the 10 Bufab Benefits

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