Range & Sourcing Productivity

For C-Parts, often more than 80% of the total costs are indirect logistics, sourcing and quality costs, whereas only 20% are driven by the purchase price of the parts. The indirect costs are often most efficiently tackled by optimizing the range of parts.  New product generations, design changes, multiple development teams and over-engineering are common reasons why companies end up with small parts ranges that contain 50% to 100% too many part numbers (also called stock-keeping units, SKUs). Bufab can help you address this problem.  We have a standardized approach called Bufab C Parts Value Chain Audit™.

Bringing the best direct cost, the right quality level, and optimal logistics requires an excellent sourcing network. Choosing the best supplier is often half the victory. Bufab knows how to do that in C Parts. It’s a small niche, but it’s ours. Try us! We are willing to offer competitive prices on any individual part you would like us to quote. However, the biggest total cost savings often comes from a dramatic reduction of the number of suppliers you are required to maintain. Each supplier requires supplier quality assurance actions, negotiations, administration, logistical handling, and a separate handling of accounts payables, with the attendant costs and risks. Bufab can do that more efficiently because we focus only on C-Parts and deliver the same service to many customers.

We have developed a process we call the Bufab C-Parts Consolidation. It is the fastest way any company can reduce its supplier count and the indirect cost it drives.

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