Design & Technology Productivity

Whether you need design advice, help with choosing the right technology, or assistance in reviewing an existing design for cost efficiency and quality, Bufab has the solution for you. We base these solutions on decades of experience with C-Parts to very demanding customers, but also on our in-house staff of experts in Manufacturing Technology Areas or Product Areas/Materials.

We do not promote a special technology or brand, but focus on what best suits your needs. We are confident in our technical advice based on our own world-class in-house manufacturing and our wide network of partners. As a result, we can help you bring down the total direct and indirect cost of your design. We do this as part of our everyday work with our customers, but also in the form of Bufab Design Advice Network and Bufab Quality Value Engineering. You can also provide yourself and your company with competitive competence in C-Parts through Bufab Technology Academy.

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