THIS IS BUFAB – meet Naomi Zhu, Sales Manager at Bufab Shanghai

Naomi has been a Bufab employee for the past 7 years. In 2017 she advanced to Sales Manager at our Shanghai office. Learn more about why she finds Bufab attractive as an employer and how she incorporates Sustainability in her everyday working life.

Tell us a little bit more about yourself and why you choose to work at Bufab?

I have a background in the industry for the past 13 years. I find it really interesting because it is a challenging environment where you need to be smart, fast on your feet and at the same time smooth and social.

I believe that Bufab’s environment provides a space for creative thinking and if you are a person that likes to contribute, you have big potential. This is the major reason why I find Bufab so attractive, when you can look at what you have, find resources and coordinate yourself.

Bufab have a very open platform for everybody where you always can find ways to contribute and I think I will work at Bufab for many more years.

How do you work with continuous improvements and sustainability?

Since I first joined Bufab a lot has happened. Today we have Bufab Best Practice, internal audits and group trainings in sustainability issues. I really like the Bufab training for managers where sustainability is an integrated part. This is especially important for us in China where the market is still struggling a bit with issues connected to sustainability. I use Bufab Best Practice on a daily basis.

What differentiates Bufab from competitors?

Many of our customers still struggle with sustainability issues. I understand them in some ways because it is tempting to always go for the cheapest possible alternative. But I think that you have to think long term. The customers need a solution that can match their demands and then they can’t go with simple short-term solutions, some have tried, but now they are back again. Many of our more global competitors talk a lot about sustainability but they are not as good as Bufab on integrating it into the core business, I believe. The market is changing rapidly, and customers that left for a cheaper option are coming back. I think this is because Bufab has a business model that helps our customers to meet the markets high requirements for quality and sustainability.

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