Meet our former trainee Ellen Johansson

Education: Industrial Engineering and Management, Linnaeus University, Vaxjo, Sweden
Trainee program: 2019/20
Role within Bufab: Quality Technician

The best thing about the trainee program at Bufab is that I have accumulated a lot of knowledge and experience through all the projects I have had / participated in that I will benefit greatly from in the future. I do also appreciate that my colleagues have been taken the time to explain the reasons for things instead of just giving short answers to all the questions I have asked, which in turn has made me gather even more knowledge. The trainee program, for me who is new to working life, has made me more daring, thus made me grow more and more into my role for each passing day.

Towards  the end of the trainee program when I got my job as a Quality Technician I got more permanent tasks, and I learned what I need to know to be able to perform the daily work at the Quality Department. In addition to this I have continued with various projects that have dealt with various complex details for the automotive industry, and I have also been trained to be able to program one type of our measuring machines.

I really enjoy my job as a quality technician and what I hope for is that I will continue to develop as a person, learn even more things and to be challenged. It’s fun that I get some responsibilities of my own, and that I will attend some more trainings during the rest of the year. It really feels like I have become “one in the gang”, which is absolutely fantastic!

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