Meet Jannus Shih-Min Lin – our new MD at Bufab Taiwan

At Bufab, we source parts from all over the world, drawing on our global network of more than 3,000 suppliers. Our suppliers are selected, evaluated and developed using Bufab’s global supplier process with the help of our global Sourcing Team and our Sourcing Offices around the world. We want to work with suppliers on a long-term basis by creating lasting relationships.

Get to know our latest addition to this team – the new MD for one of our Sourcing Offices, Bufab Taiwan – Jannus Shih-Min Lin

Jannus is from Taiwan and has lived in the US, Asia and Europe for the past 18 years. Jannus tells us:

– I have been a Procurement Professional since 2004, with experiences in strategic sourcing from leadership and category management roles in a number of multi-national companies, including Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble and Becton Dickinson.

– I love traveling to new places, experiencing diverse cultures and meeting new people. Nevertheless, though I’ve been to many interesting places around the world, Taiwan is home and therefore very dear to my heart, she continues.

Since March this year, Jannus is our new MD for Bufab Taiwan. We asked her why she was intrigued by Bufab?

– The Solutionist approach and spirit of entrepreneurship really set Bufab apart. This is an exciting environment where I can drive changes and meaningfully impact our business, the people I work with, and the community where we work, Jannus says. She continues:

– Bufab Taiwan has a great team. As new MD, the challenge – and the opportunity – will be to elevate the Sourcing Office to the next level, delivering greater results and supporting the Bufab Group to achieve 2020 Leadership and a world-class supplier base.

– I look forward to further engaging and energizing Taiwanese talents and the national and regional supplier base to ensure Bufab Taiwan can sustain and improve upon best-in-class quality, service and competitive price offerings to our sister companies, and support them to serve and grow our world-class customers, Jannus ends.


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