Bufab awarded Most Responsive Supplier Globally by Schneider Electric

On October 3rd, Schneider Electric recognized partners who especially contributed to Sustainable Growth. Out of Schneider’s more than 50,000 suppliers, Bufab was named the Most Responsive Supplier Globally. The prize, which was awarded after a rigorous process of nomination and evaluation, was handed to us by Schneider Electric’s CPO and deputy CEO in a ceremony during Schneider’s Global Innovation Summit currently taking place in Barcelona, Spain.

That a leading global player in its field such as Schneider, with a turnover of over €26 billion and close to 140,000 employees worldwide, singles us out as their most responsive partner is both humbling and gratifying. Humbling, because it occurs in competition with giants and leaders in their respective such as Microsoft, Maersk, Foxconn, and Flex, and with strong players in our own industry such as Würth and Bossard. Gratifying, because it shows that with our Solutionist mindset and Digital Best Practice toolset, we can help even the most challenging customers improve their productivity, worldwide. That is because we have something others do not have—we have the best people.

“This award is the result of great teamwork globally, and I am very proud that the dedicated and trustful Schneider global account team is recognized in this way”, says Véronique Garrigos, Global Account Manager, Schneider.




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