Board of directors

Sven-Olof Kulldorff

Chairman of the board since 2006.

Born: 1954.

Education: MSc Industrial Engineering & Management, Linköping University

Previous assignments: Executive positions at IKEA (1978-2004, during which he served as purchasing manager of the IKEA Group in 1995-2004), and Executive Vice President of ICA.

Other board assignments: Chairman of Pierce AB and Board member of K Hautwall OY.

Shareholding: Total of 335,376 shares, of which 281,238 shares through an endowment policy and 54 138 shares through Company.

Hans Björstrand

Board member since 2006.

: 1950.

Education: Upper secondary school economics programme.

Previous assignments: President and CEO of Bufab.

Other board assignments: Board member of Värnamo Energi AB, Stacke Hydraulik AB, Värnamo Elnät AB, Entreprenörinvest Sverige AB, LMT Group AB, Värnamo Näringsliv AB, Ekeborg Kapital AB and Axelent AB.

Shareholding: 50,000 shares.

Johanna Hagelberg

Board member since 2015

Born: 1972

Education: MSc Industrial Engineering & Management, Linköping University and Cranfield University.

Present assignment: EVP Sourcing and Logistics Stora Enso Oyj.

Previous assignments: Chief Procurement Officer at Vattenfall, RSA Scandinavia and NCC AB and senior positions within procurement in the automotive industry.

Shareholding: 1 500

Bengt Liljedahl

Board member since 2016

Born: 1947

Education: MSc in Economics and Business Administration from School of Business, Economic and Law in Gothenburg

Present assignments: President, CEO and founder of Liljedahl Group. Previously CEO of Skånebil and regional manager at AB Volvo Sverige.

Other board assignments: Chairman of Liljedahl Group AB, Elcowire Group AB, LWW Group AB, Hörle Wire Group AB and Finnvedens Lastvagnar AB. Board member of LMT Group AB, Finnvedens Bil AB and Liljedahl Group Fastighets AB.

Shareholding: 0

Ownership: 11 082 500 shares through Liljedahl Group AB.

Eva Nilsagård

Board member since 2015

Born: 1964

Education: Msc in accounting and financial management and Executive MBA from School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg

Present assignment: Founder and CEO Nilsagård consulting

Previous assignmnets: CFO Plastal Group, SVP Strategy & Business development within sales and marketing, EMEA, Volvo Trucks, CFO Vitrolife (publ). Different senior positions within Volvo, AstraZeneca Group and SKF.

Other board assignments: Addlife (publ), Swedish Export Credit Company (SEK), Irras AB (publ)

Shareholding: 0

Anna Liljedahl

Board member since 2019.

Born: 1974.

Education: Degree of Master of Science in Business and Economics

Present assignment: CEO Finnvedens Lastvagnar AB and has earlier experience as Global Product Manager at HemoCue AB and Product Manager at Astellas Pharma GmbH.

Other board assignments: Chairman at Finnvedens Bil AB and board member at Liljedahl Group AB, Liljedahl Group Fastighets AB, Motorbranschens Arbetsgivareförbund and Motorbranschens Riksförbund, Styrelsen Tunga Fordon.

Shareholding: 0

Ownership: 11 082 500 shares through Liljedahl Group AB.

Johan Sjö

Board member since 2019.

Born: 1967.

Education: Degree of Master of Science in Business and Economics.

Previous assignments: was President and CEO at Addtech AB (publ) and previously held senior position at Bergman & Beving AB (publ) and Alfred Berg.

Other board assignments: Chairman at OptiGroup AB, Bergman & Beving AB (publ) and Addlife AB (publ) and also board member at Addtech AB (publ). Johan was a board member of Bufab between 2013-2017.

Shareholding: 0


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