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For the Bufab Group sustainability is about balancing economic success, environmental management and social progress to benefit all our stakeholders.

Succeeding with this is particularly challenging for C-Parts. There are many items, with unique specifications and quality demands, that are ordered from many suppliers worldwide, and each item has a low value. It is therefore often difficult for our customers to guarantee that the entire supply chain has been handled in a way that is sustainable and ethically sound.

This is where Bufab comes in. As customers gradually increase demands on themselves and their suppliers, it will become more important to have a responsible partner supplying C-Parts. The sustainability perspective is therefore present in every aspect of Bufab’s operations – from how we formulate and conduct our business, to how we assess risks. But also in how we act in the communities where we operate and how we behave toward each other. We seek to maintain the health, security and safety of our employees, suppliers and others who are affected by our operations.

Bufab’s sustainability agenda is primarily governed by our Code of Conduct and our policies for employees, the environment, quality, and anti-corruption.

Bufab has signed the UN Global Compact and follows its principles.

By systematically improving sustainability in our business, we hope to become a more relevant partner for increasingly demanding customers. Commercial viability sense and sustainability are not, therefore, in conflict at Bufab. They support each other.

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