The pandemic has had different outcomes

Ryan Andsbjerg, Purchasing Manager at HT Bendix A/S regarding…

How has the pandemic affected your job during the past year?
– Looking back the past year, it has been full of new challenges. Constant need for adapting management and assessment due to the development of the pandemic. We have been forced to take actions to ensure the health of employees, customers and the company  in all situation that occurs.

During some days I have been the sole person in purchase office -strange situations since we are usually 18 people in place. Despite staff working home, I needed to ensure that the motivation is high and that we keep a good level of communication and efficiency to compensate for reduced work force.  We have had lots of Teams meetings to inform, listen and keep employees closely associated with the department and colleagues. Due to heavy work loads on the organisation I have been forced to increase efficiency throughout all tasks. The pandemic has specially pushed my acceleration towards automation of manual work and I expect digital solutions will be implemented must faster than normal going forward.

I see an organisation that have adopted and accepted new technology and new ways of working  much faster than ever before and without high conflict/interest. The balance of working live has changed, staff being even more flexible, both able to secure children schoolwork and assigned work within awaken hours. Staff finding their own solutions to make the home office working perfect to fit their needs and well-being.

Me and my colleagues regular spend 30-50 days in Far East visiting suppliers and fairs. Business relations changed to over night, and I do believe it will never go back to the way it used to be. We have learned that some business travels  can be replaces by Teams meetings. It will not take out all travel, instead, cost savings can be spend on digitizing solutions – bringing customer, suppliers and our group closer.

The whole organisation has learned valuable lessons, that strengthen the way of managing and how the organisation can cope difficult times when corporation are done with respect for health, business & efficiency. The pandemic has given years of knowledge and experience as leader.

With strong management board and daily short meetings – we as a team have managed to bring our unit through the pandemic in safe conditions so far. Knowledge sharing across the organisation strengthens and unites the agility of the company.

How do you think Bufab has handled the pandemic?
– Bufab Group have done a really good work though the pandemic. Good safe strategy and high level of communication to all units, -given clear knowledge about how to act and move. I do believe Bufab Group will have a strong position also in the future towards customers, market and staff. Our colleagues all over the world feel they are in safe hands. Our employees are confident in their belief that Bufab is doing its best to ensure a safe and healthy working environment. To have this reputation I think  Bufab Group can be an even more attractive employer in the future. When our customers think back , they will not feel that it has had a big impact on the supply chain from Bufab Group companies. Critical times often show, who to do long term business relations with and here Bufab Group will have a strong position.

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