Our production

Bufab Lann is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of turned parts for a diverse range of industries and offers production process from concept right through to the final application. Using the most advanced machining methods to manufacture customized components in materials such as steel, brass, stainless steel and aluminum. We are unique in that we operate three different types of leading edge machine equipment’s at our plant, by producing small series (from prototypes to 10.000pcs) in CNC-lathes, medium to large series(from 10.000pcs and upwards) in CNC multi-spindle machines and finally large volumes(from 25.000pcs and upwards) in rotary transfer machines.


We have everything from quick and simple CNC lathes via sliding-head lathes to advanced machining on triple revolver machines with Y- and B-axes. Dimension range: Ø 6-65 mm. This is how we  promise a high level of service and flexibility for our customers.... Read more

Multi Spindle

Our CNC-Controlled multi-spindle machines for advanced parts in volumes starting at 20,000 items. These machines deal with round and profiled material in the dimension Ø 8-40 mm. The  advantage of this machine type is its up to 8 individual motor spindles combined with full CNC control of up to 16 machining slides. A... Read more


Rotary transfer machines for simple or advanced parts in series from 40,000 items upwards. These machines deal with round and profiled material in the dimension range Ø 5 – 45 mm. Parts can be machined unlimited at both ends and radially, e.g. with through-drilling, threading or milling.  ... Read more


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