Commitment to every detail


When you set high demands for your suppliers it means you give us a competitive advantage at Bufab Lann. Our reliable processes and minimal rejects put us above the required quality level for the automotive sector. We have reached this level through careful attention to detail from the first quotation stage, but also because we have never compromised on the life length of tools, for example.

The Industry is constantly changing and to keep our position we have to see things as they are, but also how they could be. We think big and we make improvements at the right pace by reducing setting times, installing new tools and streamlining logistics. We don’t go too fast.

The strong commitment of our employees also boosts our efficiency. We believe in a rational valuation of competence, however how experienced you are, you always need to add more knowledge. On the design table, at the lathes and at the control panel we have employees with a genuine commitment to their work and to technological progress. This professional pride adds value to our business offer.



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