Bufab was founded in Sweden in 1977. Since then, we have enjoyed more than 35 years of growth and stability through a consistent focus on delivering value to our customers. Many of our customers have been with us for decades.

Some key events in our history:

Entrepreneurial driven growth (1977-2004)

Bufab´s business was started by Hans Björstrand and was from the beginning characterized by an entrepreneurial and cost efficient trading culture. During this phase, Bufab´s net sales increased to MSEK 1,077 through organic growth as well as acquisition driven growth, primarily focused on the Swedish market. The listed company Finnveden acquired Bufab during this phase and the Company became one of that group´s separate business divisions.

International expansion (2005-2011)

After Nordic Capital Fund V´s buy-out and delisting of Finnveden in 2005, Bufab was separated from Finnveden and the Company began a rapid geographic expansion. The Company´s net sales more than doubled and amounted, at the end of this phase, to MSEK 2,417. The Company established operations in a number of new countries, by way of acquisitions and by founding new subsidiaries. At the end of this phase, Bufab had operations in 23 countries.

Growth from a solid platform (2012-)

Currently, Bufab is in a growth phase, based on the internationally established operations that the Company calls its platform. During this phase, the Company has appointed a new CEO and group management that together have formulated an accelerated growth strategy that benefits from this platform. In addition to accelerated organic growth, the srategy aims to sustain and increase the efficiency in the Comapny as well as achieve growth trough value adding acquisitions. Since february 2014, the Bufab share is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm.


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