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Board of directors

Sven-Olof Kulldorff

Chairman of the board since 2006.

Born: 1954.

Education: MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management from Linköpings Tekniska Högskola.

Previous assignments: Executive positions at IKEA (1978-2004, during which he served as purchasing manager for the IKEA Group in 1995-2004), and executive vice president of ICA.

Other board assignments: Chairman of Mestro AB, Pierce AB, Board member of Coop Sverige AB, Nille AS, Tokmanni OY, K Hautwall OY, In River AB and Sonat AB.

Hans Björstrand

Board member since 2006.

: 1950.

Education: Upper secondary school economics programme.

Previous assignmnets: President and CEO of Bufab.

Other board assignments: Värnamo Energi AB, Stacke Hydraulik AB, Värnamo Elnät AB, Entreprenörinvest Sverige AB, LMT Machintool AB, Nyblomgruppen AB and Värnamo Näringsliv.

Johanna Hagelberg

Board member since 2015

Born: 1972

Education: MSc Industrial Engineering & Management, Linköping University and Cranfield University.

Present assignment: SVP Procurement Stora Enso Oyj. Previous: Chief Procurement Officer at Vattenfall, RSA Scandinavia and NCC AB and senior positions within procurement in the automotive industry.

Bengt Liljedahl

Board member since 2016

Born: 1947

Education: Master in Business Administration

Present assignments: CEO and President of Liljedahl Group AB.

Other board assignments: Chairman of Liljedahl Group AB, LWW Group AB, Finnvedens Lastvagnar AB, Hörle Wire Group AB and Liljedahl Bare Wire AB. Board member of Finnvedens Bil AB and LMT-Group AB. 

Eva Nilsagård

Board member since 2015

Born: 1964

Education: Master of Business Administration form University of Gothenburg.

Present assignment: SVP and responsible for Strategy & Business development within sales and marketing, EMEA, Volvo Trucks. Previous: Different positions within Volvo, Vitrolife, AstraZeneca Group and SKF.

Other board assignments: Imatech Marin & Industri AB.

Adam Samuelsson

Board member since 2006.

Born: 1972.

Education: MSc in accounting and financial management from Stockholm School of Economics and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Present assignment: CEO and member of the board of directors in Idun Handel & Industri AB.

Other board assignments: Chairman of the Board of Ekab Elkraftservice AB, Intermercato AB, Pamaco Totalservice AB, Täby Airmaintenance AB and PreCont AB.

Gunnar Tindberg

Board member since 2007.

Born: 1938.

Education: Qualified engineer.

Previous assignments: President and CEO of Indutrade AB from 1978 to 2004 and board member from 1980 to 2007.

Other board assignments: Chairman of Idun Handel & Industri AB:

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