Meet Carey Lin

Bufab source parts from all over the world, drawing on our global network of more than 3 000 suppliers. Our suppliers are chosen, qualified and developed using Bufab’s global supplier management process, supported by our global Commodity managers, and our Sourcing offices in China, India, Taiwan, Singapore, the UK and Sweden.

Meet Carey Lin who is a Senior Purchaser since 2010, for Bufab Taiwan, one of Bufab’s Sourcing offices. He is the main contact person for our sister companies when they place orders through Bufab Taiwan and he has a close relationship with the suppliers.

– We want to build the world’s best supplier base and to work with suppliers on a long-term basis, by creating lasting relationships. I believe that this is one of Bufab’s strengths – that we have strong and close relationship not only with our customers but also with our suppliers, Carey explains.

He continues:

– Being a Solutionist for me is not only towards customers. We are also a Solutionist to our suppliers, always looking for new solutions and useful ideas to assist them in different issues. This is the magic of being a Solutionist. We always strive to become more efficient to help our suppliers in their everyday work, Carey ends.


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