Meet our people

Meet Sheron Liang

Meet Sheron Liang, our HR Manager for the APAC Region. Sheron lives in Shanghai and has been a part of our Bufab team since 2014. We asked Sheron what makes Bufab special and why she enjoys working with us: “As a global company, Bufab has a... Read more

Meet Martijn van Daal

Meet Martijn van Daal, MD for Bufab Benelux. Martijn’s began his journey with Bufab in 2001 as an account manager for Bufab Benelux (the Netherlands). At the end of 2006 he continued working with Bufab as a... Read more

Meet Carey Lin

Bufab source parts from all over the world, drawing on our global network of more than 3 000 suppliers. Our suppliers are chosen, qualified and developed using Bufab’s global supplier management process, supported by our... Read more


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