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Financial goals

Financial goals

The financial targets in this section consist of forward looking statements. Such statements are no assurance for actual future results, and Bufab’s actual results may differ materially from these forward looking statements due to a variety of factors, of which certain are outside Bufab’s control.

Sales growth
Bufab goal is to achieve an average annual organic sales growth over a business cycle exceeding the growth of the manufacturing industry in the countries where Bufab is active by three percentage units. In addition, Bufab intends to grow through acquisitions.

Bufab targets an average operating margin of 12 per cent over a business cycle.

Capital structure
Bufab’s capital structure shall provide a high degree of financial flexibility and make acquisitions possible. The net debt in relation to equity should not exceed 80 per cent.

Working capital
Bufab’s long-term goal is to achieve a ratio of net working capital to net sales of 30 per cent.


Dividend policy

Bufab’s target is to, over time, pay 50 per cent of the net profit in dividends. However, the Company’s financial condition, cash flow, acquisition opportunities and future prospects should be taken into account.

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